Project Alpha.

          Pictured below is longtime SAE alumni assn. member Jack Coiron. Jack recently received the "Order of the Lion" award for his dedication to the New Orleans SAE alumni assn. Jack's attendance record for our local events is almost perfect over 40 years. Jack is a member of our "Project Alpha" committee. Project Alpha is our mission to be the very best SAE Alumni Association in the nation.

          To the left is longtime New Orleans SAE Alumni Association member Vaughn Cimini.  Vaughn is pictured here celebrating the New Orleans SAE alumni association for winning THE MOST IMPROVED SAE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IN THE NATION. Like Jack, Vaughn doesn't miss local events.  Vaughn received the "Order of the Lion Award" for his 40 year commitment to the New Orleans SAE Alumni Association . Vaughn graciously hosted our recent New Orleans SAE Alumni Association crawfish boil at his home.

           Vaughn is also our pitcher in the SAE World series. Please consider bringing your active brothers and alumni brothers to this historic event.  Actives and alumni are allowed to play on the same team. 

          The New Orleans SAE Alumni Association is growing in both number of members and also events.  Come be a part of our historic rise as we exemplify core values of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.We host tail-gating parties for sporting events, enjoy annual crawfish boils, host the SAE World Series softball event, and mentor our youth for success.