Major mentor program.

          In 2020, the New Orleans SAE Alumni Association implemented a program called Major Mentor for SAE actives. The purpose of this program is to pair students seeking guidance regarding possible majors with Alumni in their field of study and to foster the SAE brotherhood after graduation. 

          We recognize that choosing a major can be challenging for some students. So, Major Mentor helps the student by letting them communicate and spend time with professional SAE Alumni in that field.  Our Mentors are encouraged to first communicate by phone, then set up an in person meeting at their office or meet for lunch.  

          The New Orleans SAE Alumni Association is prepared to offer advice in many fields. Here are a few occupations. 

Sales, lawyer, social worker, physician, political science, stock broker, accounting, architecture, property management, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.

          To participate in Major Mentor as an active student, please send a confidential e-mail to Ron at  All communications between students and working professional Alumni in their field are kept strictly confidential.  Our mission is to mentor students so they can make the right choice of major and become successful in the workplace and keep the SAE brotherhood strong.   We welcome any questions or comments. Phi Alpha.

(Above) Anytime is a good time to discuss the age gap between alumni and actives. In New Orleans, we have discussions frequently with actives. Last night (Nov. 25th, 2022) I spent time with active members of Louisiana Epsilon ( LSU Baton Rouge, La.) We discussed Major Mentor. We had a healthy conversation and agreed the program would bring us closer together as one moving forward.